2020-2023 Lions Club International D308B1 Environmental Project

Raise the interests of the community in trees-planting.
Promote awareness on the importance of green ecology to our environment.
Create a one-stop Lions Environment Centre in Malaysia.

What is this "Jungle-In-The-City (JITC)" Project?

This District Environmental Project is to build a green jungle in the city - to plant trees and create environmental awareness amongst the urban people. Trees can beautify a city and generate oxygen for the city. Trees also have life and can be a part of our urban lives. We are not just planting a tree but we build a”Jungle-In-The-City”.

What do we do in "Jungle-In-The-City (JITC)"?

  • Plant your seed to become a jungle.
  • Implant them into the living environment.
  • Spread to the people around you and our next generations.