The Project

The is a 3-years Lions Club International D308B1 Environmental Project which will run from 2020-2023.

This environment project is codenamed as "Jungle In The City" or JITC for short. Also officially known as "Lions Environmental Center".

This project is co-organized by Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Seed, Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Seed2Forest, Lions Club of Taman Tun and supported by LCI District 308B1.


5 major environmental activities to embark on:

(1) Trees Planting Program

(2) Recycle Centre

(3) Environmental Academy

(4) Innovation Workshop

(5) Environmental Research

Facts About Trees

On average 32000 acres of forests disappear on Earth every day!
40% of the trees that are cut are used for the manufacturing of paper and other paper products.
A tree can only be used to manufacture 3000 pieces of paper.
A tree can only be used to manufacture 1800 pairs of disposable chopsticks.
80% of forests worldwide have been chopped and destroyed permanently.
70% of wildlife are affected by the loss of forests.

Why Plant Trees?

Do you know what one acre of forest with trees can do to our environment?
Absorb 67kg of Carbon Dioxide everyday
Release 49kg of Oxygen everyday
Absorb 4kg of Toxic Gas every month
Absorb 22-60 tons of dust every year
Hold up to 20 tons of water
Protect more than 100 acres of farmland from the windstorm by just one acre of trees!!

Environmental Education for Children

Environmental education for children at primary and secondary schools is a powerful, efficient and useful force for the change in attitude and practice essential to real and effective improvement to tackle our environmental problems.

Teach the children how to comprehend and appreciate their world would make them more open to their responsibility to the environment. Teach them how to respect that commitment to develop an earth-healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.


Want to participate or contribute to the noble cause of this JITC Project? Just send us a Whatsapp message NOW. We will reply to you shortly.