Web design in the marketplace

Unlike other web design companies in the marketplace, who can design and custom-build your website to any design pattern or functionality with coding or customisation, but come at a very high price, our approach and target is DIFFERENT.

We understand the priorities of small and micro businesses. Cost comes first. Unique design, complex functionality or customization are not the main considerations, for now.

Our business model follows the fast food outlet or food stall, as versus to a 5-stars fine-dining restaurant, which sell "standard" recipe food items or "set menu", at a reasonable/affordable price and can be served at fast-food speed. Good quality, low price and fast.

We use design template

We design your website using a set of standard design templates (based on the standard features and capabilities of our website builder platform, AND our available design samples). 

 We substitute the contents of the "standard design" website with the information of your business, such as texts, pictures and videos as provided by you. And your website will go live within days.

Our Website Products

We have standardized our digital products portfolio for webification so your business can #GoOnline instantly with an official online presence.

Web Design

You must #GoOnline NOW even if you are a small or micro business. Get your new website that is mobile-responsive, professional layout, contemporary design and communicative, to establish your online presence in WWW now.

Web Redesign

If you already have an existing website - old-fashioned, non-contemporary design, not mobile responsive and not SEO-optimized, it's time NOW for you to redesign your website so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Web Hosting & Updating

You will need to subscribe to this package to host your new website or redesigned website in our website platform. This is mandatory. It is based on annual subscriptionmodel and inclusive of website updates and maintenance support.

Domain Name

Domain name of your website is your company or business name in the real world. If you do not have one yet, you can purchase from us. We will help you to pick a good one. If you have an existing domain name, you can reuse it.

How much?

This is the ultimate question all the small or micro businesses will ask and it is the most important consideration for making the decision to go or no go with our product.

We make the pricing of our website product to be as LOW as possible, and LOWER than what you can find in the market with similar quality of design, features and functions. And it comes with a low start-up fee to begin with, without an upfront commitment before you can see the real benefits of your new website.

How to start?

Here is the simple process, just like you order your food at a fast food outlet or food stall at the food court.

Why Choose ClickMORE?

Our approach and business model is DIFFERENT.
We understand the real needs of small and micro businesses. 

Good (digital) product, beautiful design (may not be the best or most unique), fast delivery and affordable price.

Still Have More


We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable Website packages you need.