Consultation <> Documentation <> Digitisation <> Webification

What is documentation?

Documentation simply means "writing down your products or services description, business processes and operations in a simple and easy-to-understand language of your choice".

Why documentation is important to my business?

Documentation can help your business to become more productive and consistent as it will save TIME and MONEY for you in the long run. 
Many small and micro businesses in Malaysia tend to have all the important information stored inside the brain of the business owners or the senior staffs of the company. Communications to the customers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors or staffs are VERBAL and repetitive. 

Documentation is the foundation for your business to #GoOnline #GoDigital.

We can help you in your documentation

Company Profile | Contract | Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) | Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) | Product Descriptions | Proposal | Service Descriptions | Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) | User Handbook, and more ..

So many things I need to document. Where to start?

Start with the most important or most urgent ones.

Remember. Your documents are prepared mainly for (1) your customers, and (2) your staffs,  co-workers and partners, even if you are just a small or micro business.

How to START? Still have more 


We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us to see how can we help your business to #GoOnline and #GoDigital.