Contoh Kad Bisnes Digital Bersenarai (LDBC)

For mobile-friendly listed digital business card (also known as digital name card) package 

Choose your design template

Below are the things you need to consider when choosing your template for your landing page design:

1) Background Theme - Choose background theme of your digital brochure, you have 2 options: Light Background Mode (conventional) and Dark Background Mode (recommended). Read our blog on "Why dark mode for your website?".

2) Colour Theme - Select a colour to match your corporate identity. It will be used for headings, buttons and select texts of your landing page. Read our blog on "Choosing one colour theme for my website".

3) Font - Specify your preferred font for your landing page or leave it to us to recommend one for you. Our default fonts are: Montserrat, Raleway and Quicksand. Read our blog on "What font to use for my website?".

4) Language(s) - Decide if you want a single-language or multi-lingua support for your landing page. Read our blog on "What language for my website?".

Note: Certain option(s) such as colour theme or font may not be available for your choice. Certain option(s) such as multi-lingua support may incur additional charge to the standard package pricing.

Recommended Design Template

Here is the list of popular and our recommended design templates. If you have no preference or just have no time to choose, let us decide the best for you.


Design Templates For DBC

See the full list of design templates for digital business card design package. Pick your sample (by the Template ID #XYZ) before you place your order for DBR package.


Can't decide? Still Have More


Can't decide which sample or design template for your business?  Contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable design template for your digital business card.