QR Code

ClickMORE promotes the use of QR code for various business purposes by the small and micro businesses. We use QR Codes extensively in our digital products. In fact, now you can generate your QR code for FREE and you can just do-it-yourself (DIY).

QR Code Scanning

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, QR code scanning using smartphone has become "normal" or a daily practice for almost all the people in many countries. Almost all the Covid19 Apps use QR code scanning to track and trace Covid19 infections. Prior to 2020, with the exception of China, many countries' small and micro businesses were stranger to the use of QR code for business purpose.

What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, made up of black and white pixel patterns."QR" stands for "Quick Response", which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the Code.

Benefits of QR Code

There are many FREE and DIY online QR Code Generator you can find in the Internet easily. You can check in our Useful Tools page for recommendation. However, we do understand some small and micro businesses still need assistance. We provide you our QR Code Assistant package at a small one-time fee to save you time and hassle to get your QR code almost instantly for your business. 

QR Code DIY (Free)

Do-it-yourself to create your QR code for free with our recommended platform of choice. It's just SIMPLE.

How do I create a free QR Code?

Yes. You can just it do it in just three simple steps to generate any QR Code types - URL, VCard, Email, Facebook, Text, SMS, etc.

Need assistance to create your QR Code?

If you just don't have the time or lack of the expertise to DIY, we can assist you with our digital service to generate the QR Code type you want.

QR Code Assistant

Get our digital service to assist you to create your QR code. Hassle-free at a small fee.

How to start?

Here is the simple process, just like you order your food at a fast food outlet or food stall at the food court.

Why Choose ClickMORE?

Our approach and business model is DIFFERENT.
We understand the real needs of small and micro businesses. 

Good (digital) product, beautiful design (may not be the best or most unique), fast delivery and affordable price.

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We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us for a free consultation on how QR Code can help your business.