As a small business, we can't deliver all these business services alone to you. But we can recommend and refer you to our trusted Partners. We make it simple for you.

Keep it small. Keep cost low.

COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our normal way of living, working, learning and socialising. For small and micro businesses, survival is the most important and keeping the fixed cost or operating expenses (OPEX) of the business/company as LOW as possible is the key priority.

It's time to outsource and to use pay-per-use model for the manpowers and talents you need for your business. #GoOnline means making your office and business operation becoming VIRTUAL. #GoDigital and #GoPaperless mean your laptop and your handphone(s) is your office, and your office is in your laptop and your handphone(s).

Search for the trusted outsourced business partners

Check out the trusted outsourced partners and service providers we have listed here for your convenience of selection. [COMING SOON]

Accountant | Accounting Firm


Instead of hiring your own accountant or account executive, you can outsource your accounting job to these accounting firms specially target for SMEs.

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Auditor | Audit Firm


If you are a Sdn Bhd, you must have a certified auditor for your company to audit your company financial report every year and submit the audited account to LHDN for tax purpose.

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Company Secretary


If you are a Sdn Bhd, you must have a certified company secretary for your company according to the Companies Act, who helps to submit necessary documents to SSM.

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Tax Consultant | Taxation


All businesses and companies must submit their tax returns each year to the Tax Authority (LHDN). Get a certified tax consultant to help you do the necessary tax computation and submission.

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HR & Payroll Provider


Instead of hiring your own HR & payroll executive, you can outsource your HR administration and payroll processing to these outsourcing providers to assist you at an affordable cost.

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Manpower Agency


Instead of hiring your workers for labor jobs or part-timers, you can engage these manpower outsourcing agencies to provide you for the ad-hoc manpower needs on a pay-per-use model.

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VOS Provider


Instead of renting an office space, Work-From-Home (WFH) or mobile office or shared office is the trend now. Get your Virtual Office Space provider now to cut down your rental.

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Logistics & Couriers


Instead of hiring your own staffs for logistic, courier or shipment, you can now outsource all these daily operation to these outsourcing providers to assist you at an affordable cost.

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SAAS Provider


Instead of buying upfront or investing into any software you need to run your business, you can now just subscribe to these Software-As-A-Service providers on a subscription fee, just like your utilities bills.

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Corporate Service


You can now engage these outsourcing corporate service providers for any corporate support & administrative services such as printing, filing, paperworks, emailing, data entry, etc.

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Business Consultant


If you need any high level advisory and consultancy for your internal operation or for your clients engagement such as business proposal preparation, these business consultants can assist you.

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All-In-One Provider


We recommend you to outsource all the non-core business of your business to these All-In-One Provider which provide accounting, audit, company secretary, taxation under one roof.

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If you like to partner with us..

If you are one of the above service providers and like to explore for any business partnership with us, we would like to talk to you more ..