Why Intranet?

Website is created specially for your clients, customers, partners, suppliers or any external users. Intranet is a special website created solely for the use of your internal users, primarily your own staffs and co-workers for storing and sharing internal documents and also serving as your company's internal communication, news, announcements or updates for the staffs.

Intranet for Small & Micro Businesses

What are the important consideration?
Some of the Intranet software (or SAAS) for small businesses in the market may cost you a price of USD1500 (~RM5000) for one-year subscription. This is considered not cheap for many small or micro businesses in Malaysia. Some customised themes for Google Sites, which have a very impressive layout and professional design may cost you an one-time fee of up to USD200+ (~RM1000+). We consider that as unnecessary and a luxury.

It's not about a beautiful or unique design, but being useful, easy-to-maintain and practical are more important than anything else. Of course, need not to mention the FIRST priority is always a low cost platform (cheap or better still, FREE) to setup, design and maintain/update the Intranet.

We recommend Google Site for your Intranet

For the large and medium size enterprises, they have the money to invest and purchase some dedicated and complicated intranet software or SAAS for the operation of the company.

But for small & micro businesses, we recommend you to use a FREE, simple and easy-to-manage intranet using a combination of Google Sites, Google Drive, Google Docs and other Google Apps which you can get all these for FREE when you register for your Google Account or Gmail account.

How much?

This is the ultimate question all the small or micro businesses or any associations/societies/NGO will ask and it is the most important consideration for making the decision to go or no go with our product.

We make the pricing of our intranet to be as LOW as possible by choosing the most common and popular platform that most of you are familiar with - Google Site.

How to start?

Here is the simple process, just like you order your food at a fast food outlet or food stall at the food court.

Why Choose ClickMORE?

Our approach and business model is DIFFERENT.
We understand the real needs of small and micro businesses. 

Good (digital) product, beautiful design (may not be the best or most unique), fast delivery and affordable price.

Still Have More


We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable Intranet product you need.