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Q1. I am not a Malaysian but my business is based in Malaysia. Can I pay the product I order in RM?

Yes. If your business/company is registered in Malaysia and with an address in Malaysia, we charge you based on Pricing for Malaysia Customer and you pay to us in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). We charge you based on the locality of your business/company, not your nationality.

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Q2.I am a Malaysian but my business is not based in Malaysia.Can I pay the product I order in RM?

We charge you based on the locality of your business/company, not your nationality. So if you are a Malaysian but your business/company is registered oversea, you will have to pay according to the Pricing for International Customers, either in USD or other foreign currencies we accept.

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Q3. When will there be local pricing for customers in other ASEAN countries?

As soon as our payment gateway is ready to take in payments from international customers, we will roll out our product pricing in local currencies for customers in other ASEAN countries. We will announce the updates in our website in the future.

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Q4. How do you check the locality of my business?

Well, most of our digital products will require you to state a contact address or a phone number so your customers can contact you. We can check the locality of your business/company from these inputs.

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Q5. Do you accept payment by credit card?

Currently, we do not accept payment by credit card. As soon as our payment gateway is ready to take in credit card payments from local or international customers, we will announce the update in our website.

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Q6. What payment method can I use now?

Currently, we only accept payment by bank transfer (DuitNow or TT) to our company bank account in Malaysia. We do not accept any cash payment too.

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Q7.Do you accept payment by eWallet such as Grab or TnG?

Currently, we do not accept payment by any eWallet available in Malaysia. But we do have plan to register as a merchant with these popular eWallet or ePayment providers to make the payment process as convenient as possible to you. As soon as our merchant account is ready to take ineWallet payments, we will announce it in our website.

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Q8.How to place order for the product I want?

Here is the simple process, just like you order your food at a fast food outlet or food stall at the food court or hawker centre.

BEFORE you place your order:

[1] Check Our Pricing -Check our pricing on your choice of digital product to order. Decide on the option(s) you want. REMEMBER to read the Pricing Plan Details.

[2] Select Your Sample -Visit the Samples page to select your choice of design template before you place your order. Take note of the Sample/Project ID or name you choose.

NOW you place your order:

[3] Place Your Order - Submit the basic information about yourself or your business or organisation so we can evaluate your requirements. Once we confirm we can deliver your order with our design templates, we will send you the quotation for order confirmation.

Note: For different digital product, we need different input information from you about your business or organisation that include texts, pictures and/or video (if applicable) that are provided by you. We will ensure the information provided by you are adequate for the purpose of creating your digital product.

AFTER you place your order:

[4] Confirm Your Order -We will confirm your order can be delivered within the scope and schedule. You will receive our official quotation with terms & conditions to reconfirm your order.

[5] Make Your Payment -Once your design is completed and ready for your viewing and acceptance, you will need to make payment to us before your digital product goes Online!

Note: For certain products, you may need to pay an upfront non-refundable deposit before any design and development work commence. This will be stated in our Quotation terms and conditions.

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Q9.Can I make the payment upfront ?

Currently, we practice a conventional postpaid model for most of our digital products and services as we need to reconfirm that:

(a) you have providedadequate input information including any text, picture, photo and video files, for the creation of your order

(b) you understand the scope of work and deliverable of the digital product you have ordered

(c) you agree to our delivery schedule or timeline

Whenever possible, we avoid taking in full paymentupfront but refund later when customer satisfaction or dispute issue arise.

In the future, we may roll out prepaid package for certain digital products, whereby you pay in full amount first before you can use the product or service.

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Q10.Can I cancel my order after I have placed my order ?

Yes, you can cancel your order after you have placed your order (Step 3), before we commence any design/development work, by contacting us via an official email.

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Q11.Can I cancel my order after I have made my payment ?

No. It is important for you to double check everything is OK to your requirements when you view the final deliverable and give your acknowledgement of acceptance, before we "turn on" the digital product to go online or go Live. Cancellation of order after payment or refund is only allowed under certain circumstances that are within our jurisdiction.

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