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FAQ dalam Pelangan

Q1. Who are your main target client groups?

We target our digital products and services primarily for the small businesses, micro businesses, startup business and associations. In addition, we believe ourproducts and services can also serve the need of freelancers, agents, vloggers and influencers. Our business model, operation and pricing plan are designed in accordance to the expectation of these clients segment which emphasise on the cost factor.

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Q2. Why you do not serve medium size or large size enterprises?

We understand most of medium size enterprises and large corporations have stringent requirements on the design of their corporate website (such as unique design, tailor-made multimedia contents, customisation, coding for special functionalities, etc) andhigh expectation on the customer support and client services provided by the web design company they engage and hire. Cost is not a major concern to them.

Being a small business with limited capacity at this moment, we can not meet such requirements.

It is important for us to ensure customer satisfaction and expectation are met. If we can't deliver it due to our constraint, we will tell you upfront.

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Q3.I am not one of the target client groups. Can I still get your services?

Yes, you can proceed provided you can accept our terms of service and our customer support level to you. Our pricing for our products are fixed for all the clients we serve.

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