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Soalan Lazim Tentang Dokumentasi

Q1. What is documentation?

Documentation simply means "writing down your products/services description, business processes and operations in a simple and easy-to-understand language of your choice".

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Q2.Why documentation is important to my business?

Documentation can help your business to become more productiveand consistent as it will save TIME and MONEY for you in the long run. The end result is your customers also become more happy and satisfied with your products and services!

Many small and micro businesses in Malaysia, especially the traditional businesses, tend to have all the important information stored inside the brain of the business owners or the key senior staffs of the company. All the communications (to the customers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors or staffs) are VERBAL and repetitive. The root cause to this business problem is: most people are just too lazy, too busy or too "lousy" to write it down. And they don't see the "long term benefits" to document it down.

Now, if you want to #GoOnline and #GoDigital with your business, the first step is to document it, or simply write it down, on paper or in any Word Processing software such as Microsoft Words that you are familiar with.

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Q3. I don't know how to document for my business. How?

Contact us for a consultation, or just read the FAQ or Blog in our websites to get some ideas on how to start.

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Q4. There are so many things I need to document. Where to start?

Start with the most important ones or most urgent ones. Remember, you are preparing these documents mainly for (1) your customers and (2) internal communication with your staffs, co-workers and partners (like the SOP).

It will take some time to do all the necessary documents for your business and this is an ongoing process. So, just start somewhere is better than you do not start at all.

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Q5. Do I start to document by writing down on papers?

YES, you may. If you prefer to write things down on a piece of paper (i.e the old school style), please do so. But later on, you still need to scan it or convert it into digital format, i.e. digitize it. So you can put your document online later.

If possible, we recommend you to start your documentation using the FREE Google Document which is easy for online sharing (i.e. online collaboration). Or at least start documentation using your favourite Microsoft Words or Microsoft Powerpoint.

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Q6. My English language is no good to write it down. Can you help?

YES. This is where we can help you.

Our advice is: Not to worry about your language, what is important is to start writing it down the important "points", as you are the business owner or key people, you are the one that know the best about your business. We can help you to touch up on the grammars, syntax, right words to use for certain profession/business and simplify it into a professionally written and presentable format.

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Q7. Do you do Company Profile document?

YES.For small businesses in certain industry segments, whose clients are a government agency, GLC, MNC, public listed corporation or large company, are usually requested by their clients to submit their COMPANY PROFILE document for vendor qualification process or for project bidding.

We can help you to prepare a professional Company Profile document (in PDF and .DOCX format) at an affordable price even if you are just a small or micro business.

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Q8. What is the difference between Company Profile and Company Website?

A Company Profile is a company document prepared for certain customers or business partners in the format of a PDF file or in printed paper form. A Company Website is also a company document prepared for the general PUBLIC (i.e. for the whole "world" to see) in HTML format.

A professional Company Website should have most of the contents in the Company Profile but exclude some private & confidential information such as company financial data, customer data, sensitive business data, etc.

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