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FAQ on Digitisation

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Q1. What is digitisation?

Digitisation simply means the process to convert your paper-based documents (printed copies or hard copies) and business data into a digital format (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc) that are suitable to be put online for sharing, searching, editing and storing purpose.

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Q2. Why digitisation is important to my business?

If you want to bring your business to #GoOnline #GoGreen and you fully understand the long term benefits of making your business #GoOnline, than having all your important paper-based company documents converted into the suitable digitized format and stored into the Cloud is the PRE-REQUISITE to the final webification phase.

Many small and micro businesses still keep almost all of their company documents in paper-form and file up these papers in folders and store at the cabinets inside their small office. Filing documents become a time-consuming and repetitive daily task for the office administrator. While proper indexing on the files or folders may help in searching for a piece of information, but it is never an easy task for searching, retrieving and making photo copies for sharing purpose. #GoOnline will solve this problem once and for all.

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Q3. What I need to do the digitisation myself?

What you need is one entry-level printer/scanner that you can purchase at less than RM500! Most of the scanners today support color scanning and saving into multiple file formats such as PDF, PNG or JPG. [We recommend you to scan the paper-based documents into editable PDF format, if possible]

For scanners which do not support OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, you may need to use some OCR software or online OCR tool to convert the non-editable scanned PDF into editable PDF format for easy editing and copying in the future.

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Q4. Can you help for our digitisation?

YES. If you are too busy or too lazy to do these tedious jobs to digitising your company paper documents into the appropriate digital formats, we can help you.

However, due to our limited manpower now, we may not be able to take up large scale digitisation project for large volume of documents for NOW. But stay tune to the future rollout of our offer for full-scale digitisation services. We are also looking for potential trusted partners who can offer this service at an affordable price to the small and micro sized businesses.

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Q5. Where do i store all my digitised documents?

Store your digitised documents (in PDF, PNG, JPG or DOCX/PPTX format) into the CLOUD, as the primary storage space.

We recommend you to use the Google App (FREE for 15GB, upgradeable to subscription-based larger size storage up to TB) Cloud storage or any other trusted cloud storage providers such as AMAZON or ALIBABA. Read our Blog on the Recommended Cloud For Small & Micro Businesses.

You can also invest into an USB portable harddisk drive (HDD), which you can purchase for 1-2 TB at less than RM300 now, and use it as a secondary storage space for your company digitised documents. Keep this USB HDD in a safe place. 

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Q6. What is the difference between your digitisation and document scanning?

There are document scanning specialist companies in the market which provide professional services for large volume document scanning using high-end scanners or scanning equipment. There are also many smaller photocopying shops nationwide which offer such document scanning service. However, the output files given are typically in non-editable scanned PDF format. Meaning if you need to extract any texts from the scanned PDF file, you need to retype the texts!

Digitisation service as stated in our website refer to the process of scanning the paper document and auto-converting into editable PDF format (and other digital format such as DOCX), typically with the use of OCR technology.   

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Q7. Why editable PDF format is important?

Editable PDF allows us to copy out the text inside the scanned PDF into another document or into our webpage easily. This save us a lot of works in retyping the text. You can also convert an editable PDF into DOCS format for editing using any word processing software. Non-editable PDF (or the scanned image format) do not allow copying of text as the text is scanned as part of the image. 

The process of webification require the input document in editable PDF format. 

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