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Soalan Lazim Tentang Webifikasi

Q1. What is Webification?

Webification simply means the process to convert your digital documents in various formats (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc) into HTML format and accessible as searchable webpages on the World Wide Web (WWW) using any browser on a smartphone, tablet or laptop anytime and anywhere.

The word "Webify" is the action to convert any document in any digital format into a web page (in HTML format). Once your web page is uploaded into a web server or the cloud with an unique web address (that is the URL), anyone can use a browser software on any Internet connected mobile devices to access your web page, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYWAY.

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Q2. Why webification is important to my business?

If you want to bring your business to #GoOnline #GoGreen and you fully understand the long term benefits of making your business #GoOnline, than webification is the final phase to truly transform your offline business into Online business.

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Q3.How to webify my business?

Firstly, decide on your priority and objectives to webify your business.

Examples: for company profiling, for marketing/promotion specific to a product or services, for better customer support, creating a new sales channel such as e-commerce, for improving staff internal communication and sharing, for operational efficiency, etc.

Secondly, choose types of digital products that best suit your needs for webification.

Examples: Company website, e-commerce site, social media, digital brochure, digital business card, FAQ or knowledge-base, intranet, e-learning, etc.

Thirdly, ensure you have all the digital documents ready (in text, pictures or video) to build these web pages. If not yet, please contact us on how to do the documentation and digitization processes first.

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Q4.What are key features for my website?

Mobile Responsive - Design your website for the mobile phones, more than just for the laptops or desktops.
Story Telling - Design your website that can tell your story to your customers.
Branding - Design your website to represent your brand in the World Wide Web (WWW) or online world.
Communicative - Design your website that can communicate with your customers.

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Q5. I already have my website and Facebook page. Why I still need to webify?

Both website and Facebook page is one form of web pages or HTML pages with some differences in its purpose, usage and features.

Website is the web pages to be viewed by the PUBLIC to give an overview about your company, your business, your products and services, your customers, your track records or past projects, online resources for your customers, and how to contact you. Whereas Facebook page (and any other social media platforms) is just a social media site for you to engage your target customers in a social way for better customer satisfaction and reach-out.

eCommerce or online shop or Marketplace is another form of web pages meant to facilitate the users to view, search, order product, make e-payment and track the parcel delivery status or shipment.

Of course there are many forms of web pages such as Intranet, landing page, digital brochures, digital name cards, FAQ, knowledge-base, e-learning, and so on.

All these different forms of web pages will make up your online business portfolio.

If you still do not have your own website for your business, it is time to design a new one. And if you already have one but an old and outdated one, it is time to redesign a new one specially for smartphone which is more stylish, trendy and most importantly, mobile responsive!

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Q6. Why I need a website with a domain name?

Most small and micro businesses may have set up their own Facebook page or other social media site for their business. So why they still need a website with a domain name?

Your website is your official online presence in the WWW. It is the official brand or signboard of your business in the online world!

We recommend you to invest on one unique domain name to represent your business online. It doesn't cost you a lot of money (for less than RM100/year for a .COM domain name) and it's worthwhile.

If you have no idea how to pick up or select an unique, short, easy-to-remember and representative domain name to your business, than no worry, at ClickMORE, we will help you!

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Q7. Can we call you for webification service?

Yes. Our core business is to help small and micro businesses to webify ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Check out our standard digital products we offer for the webification of your business.

Contact us NOW, or just read the FAQ or Blog in our websites for some ideas to start webify your business!

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Q8. How fast you can get a website or landing page up?

It depend on our loading and work in hands.

Generally, we can get your new website or landing page up and running within days or in less than a week, provided you have given us sufficient contents in digital format (such as relevant texts, pictures and video) AND you select our existing website template/sample with very minimal changes.

How can we do it that fast? We understand the needs of most small and micro businesses. Unlike large corporations or medium-size enterprises, which place top priority on the uniqueness of their website design and ready to pay at a premium for VIP/VVIP customer service, the requirements for small and micro businesses are different. A website that is cost affordable and yet with a professional and beautiful look-and-feel is they want, even if it may not look much different from others.

We use webdesigntemplate. We pre-prepare the contents and layouts that are suitable for most of the customers in this segment. We have our own tested workflow and checklist to minimize the time and efforts in getting your website or landing page up-and-running in the shortest time possible.

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Q9. How much you charge for webification service?

For less than the price of a cup/glass of coffee per day in your country.That's our guideline to price our webification products & services.This is what we are committed in our tagline: "Now everyone can webify!".

Our mission to keep our pricing AS LOW AS POSSIBLE to suit the budget of small and micro businesses. Check out our pricing for different digital products that we have standardised to suit to your need.

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