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Soalan Lazim Tentang Kod QR

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Q1. What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, made up of black and white pixel patterns. "QR" stands for "Quick Response", which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the Code.

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Q2. Why QR code scanning is getting popular?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, QR code scanning using smartphone has become the "normal" or daily practice for almost millions or billions of people in many countries. Almost all the Covid-19 Apps in every country use QR code scanning to track and trace Covid-19 infection cases. Prior to 2020, with the exception of China, many countries' small and micro businesses were stranger to the use of QR code for business purpose.

Now, QR code scanning has been adopted pervasively for business use in every application you can think of. For the small and micro businesses, do not miss out this opportunity to help your business to #GoOnline with QR code, as use of QR code come almost FREE to you.

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Q3. What are the benefits of QR code for business use?

We recommend you to read the benefits of using QR code as a powerful digital marketing tool at this link:


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Q4. Do I need any special App to scan QR Code?

Yes and No.

In general, you can use your Camera App in your iPhone to scan and connect you to embedded link of the QR code automatically without using any special App. Or download and install any QR Code Scanner App from PlayStore if you are using an Android phone.

Of course, there are many special purpose Apps which include the QR code scanning as one of the common features now.

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Q5. How do I create my own QR code?

There are many online QR Code generator tool that you can find by Google search and use it for free. The process of creating your QR code is quite straight forward and simple, as long as you have the basic digital skill.

We recommends the QR-Code-Generator.com (now part of Bitly) for your FREE and DIY use.

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Q6. Can you help me to generate my QR code?

Yes, of course.

We do understand some small & micro businesses are too busy with their daily business affair and have no time to learn how to DIY to create the QR code themselves. So we come up with this low-fee assistance package just for you.

Just place your order for our QR Code Assist package, and tell us your business purpose and the information to be embedded into the link, for examples: to send a pre-defined WhatsApp message to your mobile phone or to connect to your landing page for a product on promotion. We will get it done for you within an hour.

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Q7. How much is your QR Code Assist service?

We always try our best to make our pricing AS LOW AS POSSIBLE, if not the lowest in the market, for our small and micro business customers.

For Malaysia customers, we charge at RM8 (excluding any sales tax or service tax, if applicable) per one-time service. This service charge is less than a cup/glass of coffee you buy at a Starbuck outlet in Malaysia.

For International customers, we will publish our pricing (in USD or in your local currency) once our operation is ready to handle the orders from your country. Please stay tune.

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Q8. Can I make changes after my QR Code is created by you?

No. Once QR code is created in PNG format and the order is confirmed and delivered to you, no further changes are allowed.

Of course, you can make another new QR code for the new change, with a new order for our QR Code Assist.

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Q9. How long can I use my QR Code from your QR Code Assist package?

You can have unlimited use of the QR Code generated using our QR Code Assist package. There is no monthly or yearly subscription for its use.

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Q10. Can I print the QR Code or use it for my own documents?

Yes, of course you can.

We deliver you a copy of the static QR code generated in the format of PNG file. You can copy and paste this PNG picture into your own documents, for examples in your presentation, company profile, website, landing page, Facebook or printout for your QR Code sticker at counter display.

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