Frequently Asked Questions (5)

FAQ on Intranet

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Q1. What is an intranet ?

Intranet is basically a special website which is only accessed and used by the staffs or co-workers of a company, an organisation or a workgroup. It is not accessible to anyone (Public) in the Internet and typically you need to log in with an username and a password to view or edit the contents or files inside an Intranet.

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Q2. Do I need an intranet for my small business?

In older days, the cost to set up an intranet for a company is not cheap with both the hardware and software. Hence, intranet was only used by multinationals (MNC) or large corporations. But today with the free cloud-based intranet such as Google Sites + Google Drive + Google Apps, intranet is available for the use of small and micro businesses as an online collaboration tool. Since it is free, why not just adopt and use it?

The main benefits of an intranet to a small and micro business are: you can easily and conveniently upload-and-save, organise, share and collaborate company documents and business data with your staffs and co-workers while you can control and manage the privacy and confidentiality of these documents and data to selected people only. Intranet is one of the important tool for your business operation to #GoOnline #GoDigital and #GoPaperless.

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Q3. What Intranet software do you recommend?

We recommend using Google Sites as the website builder platform for the Intranet to the small and micro businesses. The rationale are as follow:

(a) It is FREE. The free Google account comes with 15GB of storage space for your Gmail and Google Drive, which is more than sufficient for most of the businesses and users in general. The fee to upgrade the storage space is also reasonable if you need a larger storage. 

(b) It is hassle-free. Google Sites is cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS). You do not need to install or maintain any intranet software on a computer or a server in your office. You do not need to worry about system downtime, backup and recovery matters. 

(c) It is popular. Most of the small and micro businesses in Malaysia (and other ASEAN countries too) are very familiar with the Google products, and it is almost certain most of them have at least one Google or Gmail account. Some of them are also very familiar with Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Meet and other useful Google Apps for office productivity. Familiarity to the Google Apps allow self-support by the small and micro businesses (after our handover) and this is very critical to ensure these businesses will continue using the Intranet as their office productivity tool, just like the way they use a telephone, a computer or a photocopier in the office. 

(d) It is simple. Editing a Google Sites is just like editing a word document using Microsoft Word or Google Doc. Hence, most of the staffs or co-workers for a small or micro business can pick up this digital skill and become self-support after the Intranet is handed over to them. 

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Q4. I already have one Google account created for my business. Can I use it for the Intranet?

Yes, you can. We can create the Google Site in our Intranet Design (INTD) package using your existing Google account, so it can be linked to all your existing shared folders, shared documents, contacts, calendar and other data in your Google account. 

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Q5. I don't have a Google account. Then how ?

In order to create the Intranet using Google Sites, you must have one Google account. If you do not have one yet, we will advise you to create one yourself or we can help you to create one and hand it over to you upon the completion of the Intranet designed by our INTD package. 

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Q6. What is covered with the fee for Intranet Design (INTD) package  ?

The fee stated for the INTD package include the design & setup of Intranet using Google Sites and 3 months of technical support upon delivery but exclude the hosting of the intranet. We will create up to a maximum of 20 web pages using Google Sites and link to the Google shared folders or shared documents you use frequently in your business operation. We will also create all the commonly used folders and document templates for you to explore and choose.  Based on the list of permitted users list provided by you, we will set the sharing permission right for each page, each shared folder and each shared document as the baseline. Once the Intranet baseline version is completed, we will do a handover training to you via video conferencing call so you can take over and know how to use the Intranet as your office productivity tool. 

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Q7. Where is my Intranet hosted and do I have to pay for the hosting ?

Your Intranet designed in our INTD package use the free Google account and Google Sites as the development platform. Hence, your intranet is hosted in Google Cloud and it is free up to 15GB storage. You do not have to pay for the hosting of your Google account, unless you have subscribed and paid for the additional storage space in Google Cloud if you run out of storage space.

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Q8. What kind of files I can upload and store into my Intranet ?

You can upload and store your files and documents into your Intranet, including DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, ZIP except .EXE (executables).  

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Q9. Can I add new folders or new documents in my Intranet after handover ?

Of course, you can. Intranet is supposed to be always evolving and expanding as you continue using it in your daily business operation. You can always create new folders, create new documents, upload files and set the sharing permission for different users or customers. You can also edit, add, delete or change the items in the Intranet pages that we have created for you in the baseline version. 

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Q10. Can I change my intranet web pages layout after it is completed and handed over to me ?

Yes, you can do so during the 3-months support period. Changes are allowed after the Intranet is published and goes live, but we will provide support and make the changes as per your request, during the 3-months support period, and only limited to minor changes, which include any textual correction or change of pictures or change of video or updates of embedded links and contact info. After the 3-months support period, you have to make the changes you want but on your own. 

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Q11. What do you mean I have to self-support for the Intranet ?

Just like using a telephone, a fax machine or a photocopier in your office, you have to be self support in using these equipment and you do not need a technician to standby in your office everyday to assist you on using them. You only call in the technician when the equipment need repair or servicing. This is similar to the Intranet too. You have to learn how to do the common tasks with the Intranet on your own, such as creating new folders, creating new documents, uploading or downloading files and setting the sharing permission for different users. These common tasks are covered during the handover training to you.  

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Q12. Can I set my intranet as a subdomain to my website domain name I own ?

By default, we use the Google Sites sub-domain names available for selection as the Intranet URL. Example:

Of course, we can help you to set the Intranet URL as a subdomain to your company website domain name (this is done via a subdomain redirect feature in the DNS setting), such as this -, provided your DNS hosting site allow us to do such a subdomain name setting. (Note: not every DNS provider allows this setting)

Of course, you can also purchase a new domain name for your Intranet, such as from Google Domain. 

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Q13. Can I "double" my intranet as my association website also ?

Yes, you can. This is especially a cost saving way to an association or society or organisation with a lower budget to #GoOnline. We can "double" your intranet designed under our INTD package to serve two purposes. 

As an association, most of the information or documents are meant for the members ONLY (with the authorised login) in the "intranet" section, but at the same time, you have some basic information about the association or society or organisation, which you want to share with the general PUBLIC (anyone in the Internet with no login required) in the "website" section. Please specify such a request when you place your order for INTD package and we can do this for you, at no extra cost. However, do take note that the website design pattern and layout is based on a simple design template, unlike the professional website designed under our WEBD or WEB1 package. 

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