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Soalan Lazim Tentang Risalah Digital

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Q1. What is a digital brochure?

Digital Brochure (DBR) is basically a brochure in a digital and paperless format. It is actually a landing page (in HTML format, not in any JPG, PNG or PDF format) with the product description, promotion, marketing or special offer information used for advertisement purpose.

Paper brochure printing is a traditional business for printing companies, large and small, in Malaysia and all Asia countries, and it is a multi-millions dollars market. With a Digital Brochure (DBR), now you can just share it with ANYONE and ANYWHERE by sending the web link (or URL) of your DBR in a wireless manner, or you can allow people to just scan the QR code of your DBR on your smartphone, your social media, your website or in fact, any place where you can put a copy of your QR code on it.

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Q2.What are the advantages of digital brochure?

  • Clickable
  • Contactless
  • Paperless
  • Environmental friendly and green
  • Lower cost
  • Unlimited use
  • Always online
  • Recallable
  • Possible to edit and amend anytime
  • Never run out!

We like to compare brochure in paper format to music stored and distributed on cassette-tape or CD format in the older days. Since 2000s, all music are stored and distributed over Internet via streaming, podcast, internet radio station, etc in MP3 file format. Similarly, today all brochure should also be distributed and stored in the Internet or WWW, in the format of web page (HTML file format). Let's #GoGreen and save more trees for being #EnvironmentalFriendly.

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Q3. What is the difference between digital brochure and scanned brochure?

You can use your smartphone and scan the paper brochure into a PNG/JPG file format, and distribute it as an image file over your chat App or social media. However, it is not CLICKABLE!

Every CTA or Link in your digital brochure such as a telephone number, a WhatsApp number, an email address, a website, a Facebook page or an address location, is aclickable link. The URL or the web link is embedded into each of these items. You do not need to retype the number to call or to send message, and you do not retype link to go to a website or retype the address into Google Map or Waze to find the location of the office address. Save all these retyping hassle. You just click directly on the link in the DBR and the right App on your mobile phone will do the rest for you!

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Q4. Do I need a special App to store and open the digital brochure?

No. As we design our digital brochure as just a normal landing page in HTML format with an unique link, you can use any browser App on any mobile devices or computers to open and view the digital brochure.

When you come to storing a copy of the digital brochure, you just need to "bookmark" or save the link of the digital brochure. You can just do the bookmarking using your browser App.

Plus, we also create a scannable QR code for your DBR link. You can save a copy of the QR Code image file to store or to share the brochure with anyone.

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Q5. Can I put digital brochure link as part of my company domain name?

Yes, this is possible, PROVIDED your company website is also built and hosted by ClickMORE using our web builder platform.

By default, your DBR URL is parked under and linked to our web hosting site URL at:

Example: https://clickdemo.site/dbr/brochure123

But, if your DBR URL is linked to your company URL, it looks like this:

Example: https://yourcompany.com/dbr/brochure123

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Q6. What is price difference between digital brochure and paper brochure?

The price of paper brochure vary in the market depending on the paper thickness, lamination, colour or non-colour printing, single-sided or double-sided, paper size (A4, A5, etc), number of pages and the quantity ordered.

But we make the pricing of our digital brochure to be as LOW as possible, or LOWER than your usual paper brochure. Plus, one of the key benefits is: you can enjoy sending unlimited copies to anyone during your subscription period. And your customers can also forward the DBR unlimited times as it is only just a URL, a web link or a QR code.

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Q7. Can I recall my digital brochure after sent out?

Yes. This is ONLY possible with adigital brochure.

For a paper brochure, once you have printed and distributed out, you can not recall them back, because there is big mistake in the brochure printing or there is new changes you need to update in thebrochure.

Fordigital brochure, we can just do the Recall by setting the URL of your DBR to Offline mode.

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Q8. Can I edit or make changes to my digital brochure after sent out?

Yes. This is ONLY possible with adigital brochure.

For apaper brochure, once you have printed out, you can not make changes, amendments, corrections or updates, unless you reprint it again at extra cost and discard all the old brochure printout! What a waste.

But with a digital brochure, you can makechanges, amendments, corrections or updates, anytime even if you have sent it out! Your customers are always ensured to have read the latest version when they view yourdigital brochure online!

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Q9. How many times I can make changes to my digital brochure after go live?

Currently, we set the limits to not more than 3 times during the subscription period of your DBR.

And the changes to your DBR are limited only to minor amendments, corrections or updates (such as text updates, picture updates or addition of pictures or video), not a major overhaul to the current design or a redesign or a new brochure for a new product!

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Q10. Can I set a timeline or expiry date for my digital brochure?

Yes. This is ONLY possible with adigital brochure.

Unlike apaper brochure, once you have distributed out, you can not recall them back.This feature is very useful when you are running a promotional campaign with your DBR.

For adigital brochure, we can set the web link (URL) of your DBR to Online mode whereby your customers can access and view it, upon your campaign start date. But when it reaches the expiry date (campaign end date), we will set the URL of your DBR to Offline mode, and your customers can no longer access or view it anymore.

This feature comes as default feature in our DBR pricing with no extra cost to you!

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