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Soalan Lazim Tentang Laman Web

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Q1. What is difference between website and landing page?

A website is typically made up of multiple web pages (5-20 pages for SME, in HTML format) while a landing page is typically a single-page webpage (in HTML format also).

A website is normally used to describe everything about your company or your business such as your company background, products, services, technologies, projects, team members, clients, partners, gallery of photos and video, FAQ, SOP, resources, manuals/leaflets/user guides for download, and contacts. As a website can contain many pages, many hyperlinks and a lot of information, your customers may lose focus or get lost easily while they navigate your website.

Whereas a landing page is much simpler as it is only one page, typically used to do marketing or promotion for one product or one service or one special offer. The presentation of materials in the landing page is sequential, you browse from top to the bottom of the page. At the end of the page, you only get the customer'sfocus to do only one thing, may be to fill up a webform for their contacts, or click a button to place order or sign up for something. It is said that a landing page is much more effective in network marketing than a website.

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Q2. What is difference between WEBD and WEB1 web design packages?

We have two website design packages for you to choose - WEBD and WEB1.Both WEBD and WEB1 are website design packages with the first year web hosting and updating included. WEBD is for a full website design suitable for most of small and micro businesses, with up to maximum of 15 web pages, while WEB1 is a lower-cost single-page website design suitable for startups, agents, freelancers, vloggers, influencers and some micro businesses.

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Q3. Why I need to redesign my existing website?

The main reason why you need to consider a redesign for your old website is: it is not mobile responsive. It means your existing website is not mobile-friendly to view and perform any actions using a mobile phone! Many companies websites which were designed decades ago used the older version of contents management system (CMS) such as Joomla platform, which is meant to design webpages for display on a large computer screen on a desktop or laptop computer. Today, more than 80% of your customers or users access and view your website using a mobile phone. It is such a painful experience to browse non mobile responsive old website using your mobile phone. So, making your website a mobile responsive one is a MUST for your business NOW.

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Q4. What is domain name?

A domain name of a website in the Internet is like the address of your office in the real world. Both the address and domain name must be unique and non-duplicate so people can find and locate you with no ambiguity. Your office/home address is controlled and regulated by the government authority (land office) while your domain name is controlled and regulated by the Domain Registry.

Domain name can be country-specific (such as .my and .com.my for Malaysia) or non-country-specific (such as .com, .cc, .org, .biz). Today, you can purchase your domain name easily via online order and ePayment.

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Q5. I already have a domain name. Can I reuse it for my new website?

Of course, you can do so.Once you are happy and satisfied with the new website design and ready to publish it, we will advise you on how to make the changes in your current domain name setting (DNS configuration). You just need to change the A-Record and CNAME-Record to point to the new IP address of our hosted web site. No worry if you are not familiar with all these technical things. We can assist you to email to your domain name provider on the DNS changes to your existing domain name.

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Q6. What is web hosting?

Your website (which is made up of multiple web pages or HTML pages) must be "hosted" or "stored" in a web server, somewhere. Today, we just "rent" or subscribe to a web hosting package from a web hosting provider for such a shared web server to "host" our website. Theweb hosting provider(s) will ensure our "hosted" website at their web server in the cloud or data centre, somewhere, is always running and operational. They also provide periodic maintenance such as backup and recovery, and server OS software patches updates; and also technical support to the users.

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Q7. I have my own Facebook Page. Why I still need to have a website with a domain name?

Many small and micro businesses set up their Facebook page for their business on day-1, as it is free and simple to do so. So why they still need a website?

Your website is your official online presence in the World Wide Web (WWW). A unique and easy-to-remember domain name represents your business in the online world. It is the official brand or the "signboard" of your business in the Internet or the online world! It doesn't cost you a lot of money. It's worth to invest your own domain name.

Facebook is one of the many popular social medias and social media is important to the businesses today. But it is NOT a website that you own! Your Facebook page can be easily replicated or scammed by someone and this may confuse your customers. And for specific reasons such as incidental violation of Facebook terms of service, your Facebook account may be suspended and your Facebook Page is brought offline! You have no control over this. But you have the full control over your own website and domain name, as long as you have paid your annual subscription. This is regarded as your "digital asset", especially when you have established your business brand in the marketplace.

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Q8. What is an informative website?

An informative website refer to website which only displays static contents in text, picture and video. It also supports hyperlink action (via embedded link or button action) to redirect the http connection to another website or even perform an API call via HTTP.

Whereas, a transactional website refer to website which can support complex transactions such as check out to a shopping cart, database query, database insert/modify, making payment, authentication, etc. Such a website design require the programming works for customisation, coding or scripting.

Currently, our web design packages (WEBD and WEB1) only support informative website. We do not support any transactional website which require integration to some backend database or some backend application servers.

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Q9. What is the difference between WEBD/WEB1 and WHUP packages?

Both WEBD and WEB1 packages come with the first year web hosting and updating included. So you do not need to purchase WHUP for the first year.However, upon expiry of your first year subscription, you need to purchase our WHUP package for the second year (and subsequent years) if you want to keep your website online, updated and running.WHUP package is an annual subscription plan as this is an ongoing service we deliver to you to ensure your website is always updated-and-running during its lifespan.

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Q10. Do your web design include other development works such as logo design, photography or video creation?

Our web design service (WEBD and WEB1) do not include any creative content creation works such as logo design, graphic design, photography, photo editing **, video creation and video editing.All the photo, logo, graphic and video contents for the new website design must be provided to us, as it is, by the customers. Upon your request, we may use royalty-free photo or video from the public domain or free sites with permission allowed.

** Note: We only do limited photo editing works to cropping and resizing to suit the layout design of the new website design template.

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Q11. Do I need to provide you any inputs to my new website design?

Of course, as you know your business the best. Please provide the draft text contents for your new website which describe about your business, products and services, past projects or track records, and other relevant information that you want to highlight in your website. You can send this draft in the DOCX or PDF file format, or even scanned image file for something handwritten on a piece of paper! We will help you to touch up and reorganise these contents into proper formats in your website. The WEBD and WEB1 package also include language editing, grammar and syntax correction to make the text suitable and presentable for web publishing.

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Q12. What language do you support for the website design?

You can have your new website in multi-languages to cater for your customers who speak in different languages.

Our multi-language support for website design currently offer English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) and Malay (BM) language ONLY. Other Asian languages support such as Viet, Thai, Laos, Khmer, and Indonesian will be rolled out in the future.

Take note the fee stated for WEBD/WEB1 is only for one SINGLE language (Default is English). If you wish to have multi-languages support for your website, you have to pay extra for the additional language support. Examples:

(a) for a Malaysia customer, if you want to have your new website in 3 languages (English, Simplified Chinese and Malay) than you have to pay additional RM328 x 2 for WEBD package to include the additional web pages in Simplified Chinese and Malay languages, or you payadditional RM288 x 2 for WEB1 package.

(b) for an International customer, if you want to have your new website in 3 languages (English, Simplified Chinese and Malay) than you have to pay additional USD88 x 2 for WEBD package to include the additional web pages in Simplified Chinese and Malay languages, or you pay additional USD68 x 2 for WEB1 package.

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Q13. How many web pages I can have for my new website ?

It depends on the website design package you choose.

You can have up to a maximum of 15 web pages created for your new website for WEBD package, not counting the header and footer pages. Additional web pages to be designed beyond the 15 pages limit may incur extra charge. However, exception may be given on a case by case basis, and this will be stated in our Quotation to you when you place an order to us. The consideration is based on the amount of works involved and time taken, but this is solely at the discretion of our company.For WEB1 package, it is limited to one single webpage for your website.

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Q14. What website builder platform you use to build the new website ?

We recommend and choose Bitrix24.Sites as our website builder platform due to its excellent and complete set of features and functionality that can meet our requirements for building websites for the small and micro businesses easily.

Note: The use of your website built using Bitrix24.Sites is subject to the terms of service for Bitrix24.Sites of Bitrix24 Free Edition.

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Q15. Can I specify my preference of website pattern or layout for the new website ?

The website design pattern & layout is based on the current features, functions and templates available in our chosen website builder platform (Bitrix24 Sites) and also our own design templates available for your selection now. However, you can specify your preference ofwebsite pattern or layout, by giving us the reference links to some of these websites, for our consideration. As long as this is something feasible and do-able on our platform, we will try our best to accommodate your special request on this. Please give this special request when you place an order for our WEBD or WEB1 package.

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Q16. Is there a free domain name included in the website design ?

No. We do not bundle in any free domain name inside our products of WEBD or WEBR, as we intend to keep our pricing as LOW as possible and not every customer will need a new domain name.

There are few options of the domain name for your new website - (a) You can purchase your own domain name from any DNS hosting provider you prefer; (b) You can purchase your own domain name from us at an additional charge and with our technical support for your DNS administration; (c) You can reuse your existing domain name; and (d) you can choose to use the free and default second-level domain name from Bitrix24.Sites (it looks like this - https://yourbusinessname.bitrix24.site)

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Q17. Once the website design is completed, do I get any post-delivery support ?

Website design is deemed completed and delivered to you, once the website is officially published to the Internet with your selected domain name, OR once it is acknowledged by the customer, OR when payment is received. The WEBD or WEB1 package come with web hosting and updating for the first year, which include the post-delivery technical support.

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Q18. Can I stop my website after it expires in one year time ?

Yes, you can. We do not like the idea to lock down any customers with long term commitment, if they have valid reasons to stop the subscription plan with us or when they are dissatisfied with our services rendered. If you decide to take down your website after it expires in one year time, or anytime within the first year period (for some reason), we will follow your instruction to unpublish your website (meaning to bring it offline and no users can access and view it). However, we will keep your subscription plan for the WEBD/WEB1 valid until the expiry of one-year period. You have the option to bring it online again anytime should you change your mind.

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Q19. Can I remove the "Powered by Bitrix24" footer in my website ?

No. Currently we are using the Bitrix24 Free Edition as the website builder platform for your website, it is free and yet features-rich, and by default, the branding tagline "Powered by Bitrix24" is always displayed at the footer of your webpage. You can not remove it in the free edition.

But you can have this branding tagline removed from your website, if you upgrade your subscription to a Bitrix24 Commercial Plan. You can read the Bitrix24 pricing HERE >>.

We recommend our customers who wish to introduce CRM, HR and other advanced Bitrix24 features into their business to consider the upgrade. Contact us for more details.

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