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Are you a start-up company?

If you are a small startup company, a young entrepreneur or a woman entrepreneur, who just started your own business or only having a business idea to start with ..

You are not alone ..

Every small startup face the same problems in the early days.

Seed funding running out. Tight cashflow. New product rollout delay. Technical problems in new product development. No customers. No business contacts. No marketing. No office. Short of manpower. Not enough time. Lack of financial support. Operational issues, and more ...

Recommended Digital Products

We understand your needs as a start-up company with limited cashflow, funding and manpower. We recommend these digital products and services for you to get started, at a very low cost.

Website | Digital Business Card

Yes. This is all you need to get STARTED. 

Why Website for a startup?

Invest into your own unique domain name and your own website to represent the unique branding of your new business. This is the first thing and the most low cost thing you can do for a startup. You may not have a nice office yet. Your new product/service may not be ready yet and you have not established yourself in the market yet. But having your online presence will get you started. A nice website will make you stand out and get noticed. 

Why Digital Business Card for a startup?

Business card is the basic identity representing your start-up company. Exchanging or giving out a business card is the first thing you do when you meet up with your potential investors or customers/clients for businesses or investment.  Now, with a Digital Business Card, you can do this over online meeting, chatting or socialising sessions. 

Get Your Combo Package NOW

 Let's become a digital-era start-up company to #GoOnline #GoDigital #GoMobile and #GoPaperless on day-1 of your business. We help you to present your new business venture in a professional manner to your potential investors, business partners, clients for your products, services or even business ideas to be rolled out.  

If you prefer to pick and choose ..

Yes. If you prefer to start small, pick and choose the digital product(s) based on your priority and budget, check out our product pricing details, before you decide.

More tips for the startup

Yes. check out for tips which may give you a better idea on how to start up your business in the lowest cost manner.

Establish online presence

Get your domain name and website up-and-running to establish your online presence as a registered new business. This is also the fastest and most cost effective way to tell the market your startup is opened for business now!

Use VOS instead of renting an office

We recommend you to use Virtual Office Space (VOS) solution such as virtual office address package as low as RM1/day (but you work from home and your mobile phone is your office contact number) instead of renting an office space during startup phase. 

Use free online tools or apps, and DIY if possible

Yes. Today there are many free online tools and apps you can use for the operation of your new startup. Try to DIY if possible. 

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