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Definition of Micro Business

According to the official definition of Micro Business by SMECorp (SME Corporation Malaysia), a government central agency that coordinates the implementation of development programmes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia :-

For all sectors (manufacturing, services and others), micro-sized enterprises are defined as firms with sales turnover less than RM300,000 OR full-time employees less than 5.

Based on the latest data released by Department of Statistics of Malaysia, the total number of SMEs in Malaysia in 2020 was 1,151,339 or 97.2% of total business establishments. The micro enterprises accounted for 78.4% (903,174), the largest share of all the SMEs.

For more information, please refer to the Guideline on New SME Definition and Profile of SMEs in Malaysia published by SMECorp.

Are you a micro business?

Our main target clients of our digital products and services are the micro businesses in Malaysia (and other countries in ASEAN, in the near future). 

Recommended Digital Products

We understand your needs as a micro business with limited cashflow, fund and manpower. We recommend these digital products and services for you to get started.

Website | Digital Business Card | Digital Brochure | Advertorial | Intranet | QR Code

Why Website for a micro business?

Invest into your own domain name and your own website to represent the unique branding of your business or company. Having your own office or shop-lot or factory only show your presence in the physical world but not in the online world. Today, having your online presence is a "must" even for a micro business. A nice and professional-looking website will establish your business in the WWW and make you stand out from your competitors. Remember, today your new customers will find out about you from the Internet, not by visiting your office/shop!

Why Digital Business Card for a micro business?

Business card is the basic identity of "who you are" representing your business or company. Exchanging or giving out a business card is the first thing you do when you meet up with your new customers or any business associates. Now, with a Digital Business Card, you can #GoOnline way to introduce yourself during any online meeting, chatting or socialising session with anyone in the WWW or your social media by giving out your personal "link (URL)" or QR Code.

Why Digital Brochure for a micro business?

Make your own digital brochure to promote the specific product or service that you want to target to your customers at specific time or occasions like festive seasons. The digital brochure shall have your direct contact if customers interested to buy. This is a necessary digital marketing tool for you. You can easily add/embed the link or QR code of your digital brochure into your digital marketing message in any social media channel or popular online channels.

Why Advertorial for a a micro business?

You can always convert a useful and relevant news report, an article you read in magazine or social media, into an advertorial which you can indirectly promote and do marketing for your business or product. Repackage those relevant and informative news, articles, reports, blogs, etc into an advertorial format and share with your customers in a subtle, non-hardsell manner.

Why Intranet for a micro business?

Can't find the document you want when your customers ask for it, such as product brochure, leaflet, pricing list or proposals? Digitise these paper documents and upload them into your Intranet. Organise your Intranet to make it easier and convenient for yourself and your staffs to locate the document when they need it, including private & confidential document and you can share it to selected persons only.

Why QR code for a micro business?

QR code can be used in many ways by a micro business. Make a scannable QR code for your Digital Business Card or Digital Brochure, and post the QR code sticker in your social media or at your office/shop counters. You can DIY or get our QR Assist package.

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If you prefer to pick and choose ..

Yes. If you prefer to start small, pick and choose the digital product(s) based on your priority and budget, one at a time, check out our product pricing details, before you decide.

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