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Are you an upcoming Influencer or KOL?

Almost all influencers or KOLs start with their own social media channel such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, BiliBili, QQ and others, with thousands or millions of fans and followers. They are already #Online!

You are your own asset

Your social media or content channel may get blocked or suspended for whatever reasons. But your personal website is ALWAYS yours and you are in full control of it.

Having your personal website (with your name as the domain name) is not only for your own branding purpose but also this is your personal digital asset. Plus, your website is your "virtual frontdesk" to handle the business dealing with your potential sponsors, advertisers or business partners. 

Recommended Digital Products

We understand your needs as the business-minded influencer. We recommend these digital products and services for you to get started.

Website | Digital Business Card | QR Code

Why Website for an influencer?

Invest into your own unique domain name and your own website to represent the unique branding of yourself as the vlogger and your video contents as these things are your copyrighted digital assets. While your Youtube (or other video hosting sites) channel contain your digital contents, your website should be used as your "virtual office" for you to deal with potential sponsors and advertisers, as they are your new clients who can bring in extra revenues other than the incomes from Youtube (or other video hosting sites) channel. 

Why Digital Business Card for an influencer?

A business card is the basic identity of you being the content creator and owner of your video channel. Exchanging or giving out a business card is the first thing you do when you meet up with your new sponsors or advertisers for businesses.  Now, with a Digital Business Card, you can do this over online meeting sessions. 

Why QR code for an influencer?

Make a scannable QR code for your Digital Business Card, Website and Youtube channel, and post these QR code sticker in your social media or video contents itself! Easier for your fans and followers to link you up. You can DIY or get our QR Assist package. 

Get Your Combo Package NOW

 Let's become a business-minded influencer to #GoOnline #GoDigital #GoMobile to turn your influencer hobby into a more formal business venture. It helps you to get things done more organised and serve your sponsors/advertisers better, faster and more professionally.

If you prefer to pick and choose ..

Yes. If you prefer to start small, pick and choose the digital product(s) based on your priority and budget, check out our product pricing details, before you decide.

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