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Are you a freelancer?

If you are a freelancer or self-employed worker in any business or service, you will need these low-cost digital products to help promote your freelancing services to your clients.

Recommended Digital Products

We understand your needs as the digital-era Freelancer or Self-Employed or Gig Worker. We recommend these digital products and services for you to get started.

Digital Business Card | Digital Brochure | Intranet | QR Code

Why Digital Business Card for a freelancer?

Business card is the basic identity of your position as a freelancer with credible track record. Exchanging or giving out a business card is the first thing you do when you meet up with your new client.  Now, with a Digital Business Card, you can #GoOnline way to introduce yourself during any online meeting session with your new clients or over any freelancing marketplace.

Why Digital Brochure for a freelancer?

Make your own digital brochure to promote the freelancing service or your expertise/specialisation that you can offer to your clients. Highlight your past achievements, track records or testimonials of your works delivered in the past. This digital brochure can also serve as your one-page website too, if you invest into your own domain name for it. 

Why Intranet for a freelancer?

If you offer freelancing service in areas such as copywriting, programming, web design, graphic design, translating or video production, you may consider to set up your own intranet for better collaboration with your team member(s) or your clients directly.  Organise your Intranet to make it easier and convenient for your clients to view the content files you create with proper access control and version control. You can also put private & confidential information and share it to selected clients only. You can DIY your own Intranet using Google Site and Google Drive easily if you have the right digital skill. 

Why QR code for a freelancer?

Make a scannable QR code for your Digital Business Card or Digital Brochure, and post the QR code sticker in your social media or even at your car windscreen. You can DIY or get our QR Assist package. 

Get Your Combo Package NOW

 Let's become a digital-era Freelancer to #GoOnline #GoDigital #GoMobile and #GoPaperless. It helps you to get more things done in shorter time so you can take up more freelance jobs and increase your incomes.

If you prefer to pick and choose ..

Yes. If you prefer to start small, pick and choose the digital product(s) based on your priority and budget, check out our product pricing details, before you decide.

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Join in freelancer marketplace platforms

Today there are many freelancer marketplace platforms, local and international, that you can register and get paid for your freelancing works. Join as many as you can to expand your prospect of getting more freelance jobs assignment. You can also do benchmarking and market research in your area of expertise or profession in these platforms. 

Save time. Use more online tools or apps

Today there are many online tools and apps (some are free, some only pay a small monthly subscription fee) which can help you run your freelancing business in a more organised and efficient manner so you can take up and complete more jobs with the same amount of time. 

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