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Are you an association?

If you are an association, society or non-profit organisation, how to connect and communicate with your members easily and cost-effectively by #GoOnline #GoDigital #GoPaperless? 

Recommended Digital Products

We understand your needs as the digital-era committee of an association/society. We recommend these digital products for you to get started.

Intranet+Website |Digital Business Card | QR Code

Why Intranet for an association?

Many associations/societies are bogged down with the keeping and retrieving of paper documents related to the organisation or members. Digitise these association related paper documents and upload them into the Intranet. Organise the Intranet to make it easier and convenient for your members to find the information they need. You can also put private & confidential information and share it to selected group of members or external parties only.

Why Digital Business Card for an association?

Business card is the basic identity of your position as the committee member of the association or society you represent. Exchanging or giving out a business card is the first thing you do when you attend any social functions or events and meet up someone. Now, with a Digital Business Card, you can #GoOnline way to introduce yourself during any online or offline meeting session with anyone.

Why QR code for an association?

Make a scannable QR code for your Digital Business Card or Digital Brochure, and post the QR code sticker in your social media or even at your car windscreen. You can DIY or get our QR Assist package.

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 Let's become a post-Covid19 association or society to #GoOnline #GoDigital and #GoPaperless. It helps you to get things done more efficiently and serve your members better, faster and cheaply. 

If you prefer to pick and choose ..

Yes. If you prefer to start small, pick and choose the digital product(s) based on your priority and budget, check out our product pricing details, before you decide.

More tips for the association

Yes. check out for tips which may give you a better idea on how to run the administration of your association so to reduce the paper-based documents and for easy storing and retrieving when needed. 

Save time. Use more free online tools or apps

Today there are many free online tools and apps which can help the committee members to run the operation of your association in a more organised and efficient manner. 

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Digital Business Card

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