Digital Brochure

Also known as Digital Leaflet or Digital Flyer.

Brochures #GoDigital and #GoGreen

Digital Brochure (DBR) is basically a brochure in a digital and paperless format. It is actually a landing page (in HTML format, not in any JPG, PNG or PDF format) with the product description, promotion, marketing or special offer information used for advertisement purpose.

Why brochure #GoDigital?

We like to compare brochure in paper format to music stored and distributed on cassette-tape or CD format in the older days. Since 2000s, all music are stored and distributed over Internet via streaming, podcast, internet radio station, etc in MP3 file format. 

Similarly, today all brochure should also be distributed and stored in the Internet or WWW, in the format of web page (HTML file format). 

Every item is Clickable!

Every item in your digital brochure such as a phone number, a WhatsApp number, an email address, a website, a Facebook page or an address location, is a clickable link. The URL or the web link is embedded into each of these items. You do not need to retype the number to call or to send message. You do not retype link to go to a website or retype the address into Google Map or Waze to find the location of an address. 

Save all these retyping hassle

Other benefits of DBR: Paperless + Contactless + Environmental friendly and green + Lower cost + Unlimited usage + Always online + Possible to edit and amend anytime + Never run out, and more ..

We use design template

We design your digital brochure using a set of standard design templates in our web builder platform. Your DBR is specially designed for mobile phone display.

We substitute the contents of the "standard design" landing page with the information of your business, such as texts, pictures and videos as provided by you. And your digital brochure will go live within days, with a super-low start-up fee to begin with.

How much?

This is the ultimate question all the small or micro businesses will ask and it is the most important consideration for making the decision to go or no go with our product.

We make the pricing of our digital brochure to be as LOW as possible, or LOWER than your usual paper brochure.

How to start?

Here is the simple process, just like you order your food at a fast food outlet or food stall at the food court.

Why Choose ClickMORE?

Our approach and business model is DIFFERENT.
We understand the real needs of small and micro businesses. 

Good (digital) product, beautiful design (may not be the best or most unique), fast delivery and affordable price.

Still Have More


We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable Digital Brochure product you need.