Blog (博客) #0006

Blog#0006 — 6 March 2022

Benefits of digital business card

Read on the long list of benefits why you should switch over from your paper name cards into digital business card NOW.

Paperless + Clickable Contacts + Contactless + Lower cost + Environmental friendly and green + Unlimited usage + Always online + Possible to edit and amend anytime + Never run out, and much more ..

It's time to let your business cards or name cards #GoDigital and #GoPaperless. Do you still buy music or songs on a cassette tape or CD?

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Benefits of digital business card

Read on the long list of benefits why you should switch over from your paper-based business card or name card into the digital format NOW.

  • Paperless - you no longer have the headache to carry or handle or print stacks and stacks of paper business card.
  • Environmental Friendly - you have contributed to environment protection by saving more trees by switching over to truly digital, paperless and web-based business card.
  • Unlimited Copies - you can distribute unlimited copies (within subscription period) of your business card in digital format to anyone, anywhere, anytime by a click on your mobile phone. No more running out of business card.
  • Always There - your digital business card is always hosted in the Cloud and can be accessed anytime as long as people have Internet access.
  • Always Updated - people always see the latest copy of your business card with the latest details about your business or your contacts.
  • Clickable Contacts - people can contact you by phone call, SMS, chat or via your social media by simply clicking on the links in your digital business card without having to retype anything into their mobile phones.
  • Contactless - It is virtual and truly digital format that people can avoid making contact with your business card during Covid-19 pandemic period.
  • Affordable - it is lower price than paper-based business card and more affordable to everyone now.
  • Easily Share - you can easily share your digital business card in any social media, digital marketing or chat apps in your mobile phone with just a URL link or a QR code!
  • Easily Store - it is virtual so no need to keep any paper business card in your name card holders. No more hassle to manage stacks of business card holder on your desk. 
  • Easily Track - your digital business card now is just a URL Link or QR Code to store into your phone address book. No more “I can’t find your business card” or “I left your business card in the office”.
  • Zero Printing - with the truly digital business card,  no more digital printing of your business card. It’s now a thing of the past. 
  • Borderless Distribution - there is no geographical limit to where you want to distribute your business card to every corner on earth as long as there is Internet access. 
  • Embed Multimedia - You can embed colorful picture of yourself or your products or even a short video into your digital business card, something impossible for printed business card.
  • Instant Delivery - You can get your digital business card almost instantly. No more waiting time for the delivery of your printed business card. 
  • Recallable - You can recall back the business card you have given out by simply unpublishing or disabling the link of your digital business card. 

So the conclusion is, what are you waiting for? Switch over to digital business card NOW. Hello, are you still buying cassette tape or CD for your favourite songs or music? 

Blog#0006 — 6 March 2022



无纸化 + 可点击的联系人 + 非接触式 + 成本更低 + 环保绿色 + 无限使用 + 始终在线 + 可以随时编辑和修改 + 永不耗尽,还有更多..

是时候让您的名片或名片#GoDigital 和#GoPaperless。 您还在购买盒式磁带或 CD 上的歌曲音乐吗?

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  • 无纸化 - 您不再为如何携带处理或打印成一堆一堆的纸质名片而头疼。
  • 环保 - 您可以通过数字化、无纸化和基于网络的数码名片来拯救更多的树木不被砍,从而为环境保护做出了您的贡献。
  • 无限使用 - 您可以通过点击您的手机,随时随地向任何人分发无限副本的数字格式名片 (只在订阅期内),不再有用完纸质名片的事了。
  • 一直存在 - 您的数码名片一直托管在云端中,只要人们可以进入互联网,就可以随时浏览您的数码名片。
  • 一直更新 - 人们总是会看到您的数码名片的最新副本,其中包含有关您最新的联系。
  • 可点击的联系 - 人们可以通过电话短信聊天或社交媒体与您联系,只需点击您的数码名片中的链接,而无需在他们的手机中重新输入任何的字。
  • 非接触式 - 这是一种虚拟的数字格式,人们可以避免在新冠肺炎大流行期间与您的纸质名片有身体上的接触。 
  • 经济实惠 - 数码名片比纸质名片的价格更低。
  • 轻松分享 - 您可以在手机中的任何社交媒体、数字营销或聊天应用程序中轻松分享您的数码名片,只需传送一个 URL 链接或二维码就行了!
  • 轻松存储 - 数码名片是虚拟的,因此无需在您的名片夹中保留任何纸质名片。 不再需要再为管理办公桌上成堆的名片夹而烦恼。 
  • 轻松追踪 - 您的数码名片只是一个URL链接或二维码,可存储到您的手机电话通讯录中。不再有“我找不到你的名片”的事了。
  • 零打印 - 有了真正的数码名片,您不再需要打印名片了,印刷名片现在已经成为被淘汰的过去。 
  • 无国界分发 - 您可以将数码名片分发到的地球上的每一个角落,没有地域的限制,只要有互联网。 
  • 嵌入多媒体内容 - 您可以将您自己或您的产品的彩色图片甚至是短视频嵌入到您的数字名片中,这是印刷名片无法做到的。 
  • 即时交付 - 您几乎可以立即获得您的数码名片。 无需再浪费时间等交付打印好的名片。 

结论是,你还在等什么呢? 马上让您的名片 #GoDigital 和 #GoPaperless。 Hello, 您还在购买盒式磁带或 CD 上的歌曲音乐吗?