Blog (博客) #0001

Blog#0001 — 1 March 2022

Too Busy, Too Lazy or Too Lousy to #GoOnline or #GoDigital?

Being the owner of a micro or small business, you are just too tied up and focused on your core business, meeting customers, closing deals, bringing in orders, delivery, managing finance & accounting, planning cashflow, fulfilment, customer support, etc.

You just find no more time, no more energy, no more concentration to learn another new digital skills to #GoOnline and #GoDigital.Well, no worry. ClickMORE is here to help you.

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Too Busy, Too Lazy or Too Lousy to #GoOnline or #GoDigital?

First of all, please DO NOT get offended or misled by this provocative title of this blog - too busy, too lazy or too lousy. Indeed, we are. But for a valid reason. 

Being the owner of a micro or small business, you are just too tied up and too focused on your core business such as :- meeting your customers, closing deals, bringing in orders, involved in production/manufacturing,  ensuring delivery, managing project, monitoring schedule, managing finance & accounting, planning cashflow, procurement, inventory control, undertaking fulfilment, customer support, handling customer complaints, hiring staffs, paying taxes, paying bills, handling staffs issues, dealing with government rules and regulations, etc etc etc.

This long list of tasks and activities just goes on and on and on. Any micro or small business bosses will agree to this. 😮‍💨 😓 😓

Unlike a large corporation or medium size enterprise, which can afford to set up even one department or hire additional manpowers or hire some really-expensive consulting firm(s) to do it for them, unfortunately, most of the micro or small business bosses have to do-it-yourself ("DIY" or "Ka-Ki-Lai in Hokkien dialect) or what we call "One Leg Kick"!

You just find no more time (#TooBusy), no more energy (#TooLazy), and no more concentration (#TooLousy) to learn another new digital skill to #GoOnline and #GoDigital.

So, what is the solution?  

Instead of doing it on your own, pay someone a small fee to get it done for you! Invest into some SAAS (software-as-a-service) to automate some of the repetitive tasks or to improve operation efficiency. Outsource certain non-core tasks to these service providers or even freelancers. Form partnership with someone, you can't make all the money.

Well, this is where ClickMORE see our values proposition here. Despite the facts that there are many online tools, mobile apps and SAAS that are quite easy to learn and simple to use ("DIY") , many small and micro business owners still need help due to these #TooBusy, #TooLazy and #TooLousy "burdens". 

These digital tools/apps/SAAS are either free or some just require a small monthly subscription fee to use and with no long term contract commitment. You can stop the subscription anytime. No upfront big investment on any computer hardware or software. What you need is just your laptop or your handphone with high speed Internet connectivity. 

OK. How to start? 

We understand you have no time (again, #TooBusy) or just don't know how (again, #TooLousy) to start Google search or asking around, for such a digital tool/app/SAAS. 

Contact us now for a free consultation on how to get started on your journey to #GoOnline and #GoDigital.

* We apologise if the use of the above provocative title has made you uncomfortable or unease. Do contact us if you agree to what we have shared and what we can offer you. 😄

Blog#0001 — 1 March 2022

自己太忙太懒太差劲去做 #GoOnline 或 #GoDigital?


您根本找不到多余的时间和精力来学习 #GoOnline 和 #GoDigital 的这种新的数字技能。太忙、太懒、太差劲 - 这是情有可愿的。不用担心。 ClickMORE 能为您提供帮助。

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自己太忙太懒太差劲去做 #GoOnline 或 #GoDigital ?

首先请不要被这个有点挑衅性的博客标题而觉得被冒犯或误导 — 太忙太懒太差劲。 也许我们真的是,但这是情有可愿的。

作为一个微小型企业的老板,您过于专注于您的核心业务,例如:- 会见客户、完成交易、获得订单、参与制造生产、确保交付、管理项目、 监控进度、管理会计财务、计划现金流、采购、控制库存、承诺履行、客户支持、处理客户投诉、雇用员工、纳税、支付账单、处理员工问题、处理政府条款和规则等等等。

这个一条长长的任务和活动列表一直在继续着,天天如此。 任何微小型企业的老板都会同意这一点。 😮‍💨 😓 😓 

大公司或中型企业可以负担得起设立一个专门的部门或雇用额外的人力或聘请一些非常昂贵的咨询公司来为他们做这件事。与它们不同的是,大多数微小型企业老板都必须自己动手 (“DIY” 或 福建话中的 “Ka-Ki-Lai 自己来”)或我们所常说的“一腿踢” !

只是您没有太多的时间 (#太忙)、没有太多的精力 (#太懒),没有太多的注意力 (#太差劲) 来学习#GoOnline 和 #GoDigital 的另一种新的数字技能。


与其 Ka-Ki-Lai 自己来做,不如付一个小小的费用找某某人来为您完成这件事吧! 投资一些 SAAS(软件即服务)来帮忙您自动化一些重复性的任务或提高企业的运营效率。 将某些非核心任务外包给一些服务供应商甚至是自由职业者。 与别的公司建立双赢伙伴关系,一个人是无法赚完所有的钱的。 

这就是 ClickMORE 看到我们之价值的地方。 尽管有许多在线工具、移动应用程序 (Apps) 和软件即服务 (SAAS) 是非常容易学习和自己动手使用的(“DIY”),但由于这些 #太忙、#太懒 和 #太差劲之“负担”,许多微小企业老板仍然需要一点帮助的。

这些数字工具、应用程序、软件即服务、要么是免费的,要么有些只需要每月支付一个很小的订阅费即可使用,并且它没有长期合约承诺。 您可以随时停止订阅。 您无需在电脑硬件或软件作一个大的前期投资。 您所需要的只是具有高速互联网连接的笔记本电脑或手机。

好的。 如何开始呢? 

我们了解您没有时间或不知道如何开始搜索谷歌或四处询问别人,以获得这样的数字工具/应用程序/软件即服务。请立即联系我们的免费咨询,如何开始您的 #GoOnline 和 #GoDigital 之旅吧。

* 如果以上有点挑衅性标题让您感到不舒服或不安,我们深表歉意。 如果您同意我们分享的内容以及我们可以为您提供的服务,请联系我们。 😄