Features of Digital Business Card

Read the full features list of our web-based digital business card product 

Note: All the features are available for both Basic Edition and Premium Edition, unless otherwise stated.

Basic Edition

At list price of RM28/year *

With basic features for starter with simple design templates

Premium Edition

At list price of RM38/year *

Include all features in Basic Edition plus advanced features with premium design templates

Company Logo in a background image

You can choose (1) no background image, (2) system assigned background image, or (3) background image as provided by you for your company logo.

Recommended company logo size: 200x200 pixels. 

Recommended company logo format: PNG with background removed 

Your Name, Job Position and Company Name

Basic information in your digital business card

Your Name, Job Position and Company Name

Optional: You can put in your company tagline, brief description of your company, products or services, and a brief description about yourself and what you do in your company. 

Recommendation: Keep the description as short as possible, use keywords relevant to your business. We will help you to edit. 

Personal Photo

Recommended for professionals in sales & marketing, consulting, customer support or professional services

(1) No Personal Photo

Your photo not shown

(2) Personal Photo

Show your face in circle shape

(3) Portrait Photo

Show your full portrait in rectangular shape

Background Theme

You can choose the background theme colour for your digital business card

(1) Light Mode

Default theme, conventional design, light background with black colour text and theme colour of your choice for icons and texts

(2) Dark Mode

Contemporary design, dark background with white colour text and theme colour of your choice for icons and texts

(3) Color Mode

You can choose your background colour code that match to your corporate identity

01. Awesome features

Clickable Contacts

Every contact item in your digital business card - a phone number, a WhatsApp number, an email address, a website, a Facebook page or an address, is a clickable link.
Clickable link

No need to retype any number or any text on the mobile phone to contact you. Just click on it directly in your digital business card to contact you right away.

As Many contacts as you wish

You can have as many types of contacts in your digital business card as you wish and not limited to the page size - Phone Number, SMS, Email, Addresses, Website, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Skype, Zalo.

Customisable Sequence

You can customise the sequence of contacts in your digital business card, your first preference comes first, E.g. put your email address as first contact if you prefer customers to contact you via email.

02. Awesome features

Scannable Contacts

You can make your contacts into a scannable QR code in your digital business card. High resolution QR codes that are not limited by paper size or printing quality of paper business card.
QR Code for Vcard

vCard (Virtual Contact File) is a file format standard for electronic business cards. You can display your vCard in QR code format, make it convenient for your customers to save directly into their mobile phones without any retyping.

QR Code for WeChat and others

Some social App such as WeChat only allow addition of friends or new contacts using QR code.

03. Awesome features

Embed Multimedia

[For Premium Edition only] Impress your customers with your new business card. You can now embed flippable images (carousel) or video into your digital business card. Something that is impossible in the paper business card.
Embed Video

You can embed your corporate video or product promotion video into your digital business card. You can also update the video easily with a change of YouTube link, even after you have shared it out to your customers.

Embed Flippable images (Up to 4)

You can showcase your products or services in a flippable image carousel in your digital business card.

URL of Your Business Card

Every web page has its own Internet address or URL, so does your digital business card. For Basic Edition, your URL is system-assigned but for Premium Edition, you can choose your own URL.

Randomly assigned URL

[For Basic Edition] The URL of your digital business card is a randomly assigned letters made of 12 (or more) characters of alphabets and numbers.


User-specified URL

[For Premium Edition only] You can choose the identifier of the URL of your digital business card such as your name or company name.


AddThis share button

You can use the AddThis share button to easily share and distribute your digital business card by the link in the email, chat message or social media.

You can share your business card easily

No worry. You DO NOT have to remember the URL of your business card.

At the bottom of your digital business card, you can just click on any of the familiar social icons to share your business card via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Email or any other social media.

Click on the "+" sign to see the full list of share buttons you can select from.Credit: We use "AddThis" share button.

[Optional] Multiple Languages

You can have your digital business card in multiple languages to cater for customers from different countries or cultures.

Currently we support English (Default), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Malay (BM) language. In future, we will roll out support for other ASEAN languages. Available for both Basic Edition and Premium Edition.Additional fee apply for multi languages support.

(1) English


(2) Chinese


(3) Malay (BM)


Unlisted and non-indexable by Search Engine

By default, for the reasons of data privacy and protection of personal information, your digital business card is unlisted in the Google search results page and not indexable by Google search engine. Nobody can search your name card in Google by your name or keywords related to you, except by using the URL or QR code of your digital business card.

Listed and Indexable by Search Engine

[For Premium Edition only] You have the option to make your digital business card listed in Google search results page and indexable by Google search engine, so anyone can search your name card in Google using some keywords relevant to you.

Precaution: If you choose to make your digital business card as Public and Listed, please limit to your business phone number, company email and official address. Avoid putting your personal phone number, personal email or home address in a listeddigital business card.

SEO Optimized

[For Premium Edition only] As you choose to make your digital business card as public and listed in Google, your business card is also SEO optimised with keywords that are related to your business, products or services.


[For Premium Edition only] You can recall back your digital business card that you have shared with your customer anytime by un-publish or turn off the URL of your digital business card for specific reasons.

What is Recallable?

For paper business card, once given out, it is almost impossible to recall back or collect back from all of your customers. For example, when a company staff has resigned or been terminated, the company may decide to do a recall of his/her business card. This is only made possible with a digital version of business card.

This feature is useful when you do not wish any potential customers or anyone from contacting you or your staff(s) who are no longer working in the company or in the same job position. 

There are many more scenarios whereby you wish to temporarily or permanently un-publish (or turning off) your digital business card.