Digital Business Card

Try the live demo and feel the difference between a digital business card versus a paper business card NOW
A Digital Experience For Your Customers


With company logo, personal photo, company/product photos, embedded video, clickable and scannable contacts, light background, dark background and much more features. 

** No need to download or install any APP on your mobile phone. It is web-based. Supported on any models of iPhone, Android Phone or Huawei Phone. **

Business card #GoDigital and #GoPaperless

Digital business card (DBC) is basically a business card in a digital and paperless format. It is actually a landing page (in HTML format) with the basic contact information of a person, such as name, job position, email, phone, address and basic company info for business purpose.

Why business card #GoDigital?

Many decades ago, we listened to music on cassette-tape or CD format. Today, all the music are stored and distributed over Internet in MP3 file format in streaming or podcast mode. Cassette-tape or CD became history.

Similarly, today business card will also be distributed in the Internet, in the HTML format of a web page. Paper business card will also become history, soon.

Every item is Clickable

Every contact item in your digital business card such as a phone number, a WhatsApp number, an email address, a website, a Facebook page or an address location, is a clickable link. The URL or the link is embedded into each of these items. You do not need to retype a number to call or to send message, retype a link to go to a website or retype the address into Google Map or Waze to find an address location. 

Save all these retyping hassle with a Clickable Digital Business Card.

Why use digital business card?

12 compelling reasons why you should switch over from paper business card to digital business card NOW

Clickable Contacts

Just click on the contacts to make a call or send out an email, sms or chat message.


No need to print, carry or keep stacks of business card in your pocket.


Lower unit cost and more affordable than paper business card in the long run.

Unlimited Use

No more running out of business card with unlimited copies to distribute.

Always Updated

Possible to edit your business card with the latest contacts or job title after distributed out.

Easily Share

Share your business card in social media or chat apps with just a URL link or a QR code.

Easily Store

No need to keep or manage any name card holders as your business card is virtual.

Easily Track

No more excuse “I can’t find your business card” or “I left your business card in the office”.

Environmental Friendly

Help protect our environment by saving more trees from paper & pulp making.

Borderless Distribution

Distribute business card to any place on earth with Internet connectivity.

Embed Multimedia

Embed colorful pictures or lively video with sound into your business card.

Zero Printing

No more printing of your business card at a print shop. Printer is a thing of the past.

How much?

This is the ultimate question all the small or micro businesses will ask. It is the most important consideration for making the decision to go or no go.

We make the pricing of our digital business card to be as LOW as possible, or LOWER than your paper business card.

Our Digital Business Card Product

We have only 2 editions of Digital Business Card (DBC) for you to select

Basic Edition

At list price of RM28/year *

With basic features for starter with simple design templates

Premium Edition

At list price of RM38/year *

Include all features in Basic Edition plus advanced features with premium design templates

Note *: Check out for any discount or special offer from time to time, and also any taxes applicable.

Note **: Additional fee apply for multi languages support.

We use design template

We design your Digital Business Card (DBC) using a set of standard design templates in our web builder platform. Your DBC is specially designed for mobile phone display.

Why choose ClickMORE?

Our approach and business model is different.
We understand the real needs of small and micro businesses. 

Good product, beautiful design, fast delivery and most importantly affordable price.

Still Have More


We suggest you to read our FAQ section first. Or contact us so we can recommend you the most suitable Digital Business Card product you need.